"Never doubt that a small group of
concerned citzens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
-- Margaret Mead

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Your donation will help us promote adoptions of the animals of the Gratiot County Animal Shelter and help the the animals of our community by promoting spay/neutering and animal care and welfare.













Pet Behavior Tips

We would like to help improve the relationship between people and their pets. By helping owners learn how to train animals, we hope to increase the likelihood that pets won't be surrendered to the shelter and they will enjoy long happy lives with their owners.

Behavior problems are the leading cause of pet surrender to shelters and animal control agencies. Many of these behavior problems can be avoided with proper pet selection and pet owner education.

If you're having difficulties with your pet, see the list of topics below for information and advice.


Aversives for Dogs


The Barking Dog


Why Dogs Bite: A Guideline for Children


Children and Dogs: Important Information for Parents


How to Solve the Digging Problem

  Crate Training Your Dog
  Inside or Out? Making Your Dog Part of the Family


Positive Reinforcement - Training Your Dog or Cat With Treats/Praise


Re-housetraining Your Adult Dog


Separation Anxiety


Selecting the Right Pet


Keeping Your Dog Confined in Your Yard


Unusual Eating Habits in Dogs and Cats


Successful Cleaning to Remove Pet Odors and Stains