"Never doubt that a small group of
concerned citzens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
-- Margaret Mead

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Your donation will help us promote adoptions of the animals of the Gratiot County Animal Shelter and help the the animals of our community by promoting spay/neutering and animal care and welfare.













HOWLoween Fun - 2011


Our first HOWLoween Fun Night was held on Halloween evening at the First Presbyterian Church in Alma. A few dogs joined in the fun by dressing for the occasion.

A special thanks to Pastor Tom Brachbill for sponsoring the event and to our judges, Jeri Piccolo from the Pine River Arts Council, Greg Garberson from Redbird Petfood Supply in Alma and Dr. Tom Armstrong of State Road Animal Hospital in Alma.

Thank you to Keith Virgo of Virtual Reflections Studio for your support and to the Alma City Police for inspecting trick-or-treaters candy that evening.

Thanks to all who stopped by to make it a fun evening.


Special thanks to our HOWLoween judges.


Helen and JoJo, the black lab, pictured above. Jeri with Butters, a rescued Grayhound to the left.


Alma's Highland Festival 2010


Help Furry Friends had plenty of help at our information booth at the Highland Festival. Nicki, Vicki and Stephanie with their pets, Elvis the ferret, and 2 rats and a pet spider.

We passed out information about our spay/neuter clinic starting in June and information about our organization.


This was the first year we, as Help Furry Friends, were in the Highland Festival parade. We had people in cars, people walking, kids and dogs. It was so much fun.

We would like to thank all who helped make this event successful!


Hillcrest Elementary Students Collect Food / Coin


Hillcrest Students unpack donated pet food and begin sorting   Boxes and bags of cat and dog food were donated for the food project.
This is what 49 Valentine's boxes full of dog and cat food look like! Great job Hillcrest!!



Thank you to all the students, teachers, parents of Hillcrest!

Students of Hillcrest Elementary school in Alma have spent the past several weeks collecting pet food and coins to benefit animals. The 2nd grade and the 3rd grade competed to see who could collect the most for Help Furry Friends and for Humane Animal Treatment Society (HATS) of Mt. Pleasant. When the competition ended the second week of February, they had raised $381 for HATS and had raised enough pet food to fill 49 boxes which were distributed to Gratiot area senior citizens.

We would like to thank Mandy Risch, Hillcrest 3rd grade teacher, and all of the students and parents that helped make our "Valentines Day" project so successful. The students decorated boxes and made cards to be included in the boxes which were filled with cat and dog food products. Volunteers from the school and Help Furry Friends distributed the boxes to local senior citizens of Gratiot County to help them feed their pets.

"It's a win-win situation," Risch said. "The kids are helping seniors and are helping pets as well".

Thank you to all who collected cans, coin, and food, decorated the boxes, supplied or donated dog and cat food and to those who took their time to deliver the boxes. Thank you Ms. Risch for all of the time you spent and space in your classroom that it took to make this project so successful.


Furry Friends Visit Luce Road Elementary School

(Herald Photos - Curtis Wildfong)

Marie Green and Skippy the Chihuahua visit with the 1st graders of Luce Road Elementary School in Alma. They learn how important it is to take care of their pets.
Someone gets a special 'kiss' from Skippy. Skippy and Bambi loved the attention


Thank You to Luce Road Elementary 1st Graders!

On December 11, we (Help Furry Friends) visited Luce Road Elementary School in Alma. The 1st grade classes had been collecting donations since November for their "Coins for Kittens and Pennies for Puppies" program. With a lot of work and help from wonderful teachers and family they raised $238 to help the animals of Gratiot County!

They have been learning about animal care and how important it is to take good care of their pets whether they are dogs, cats, hamsters, birds or even fish. We went to the classrooms and talked with them about their pets and how pets can help people in such as in the "Seeing Eye" or "Search and Rescue"programs.

Along with us were Skippy, a 4 month old Chihuahua and Bambi his 1 year old mom. They were rescued from Gratiot County shelter and were on their way to their new home on Saturday. They enjoyed visiting with the children as much as the children enjoyed having them there. They were a big hit with teachers and students.

We would like to thank the students and the teachers for their hard work. The money raised will be used to rescue pets like Skippy and Bambi and help us to find good homes for them.