"Never doubt that a small group of
concerned citzens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
-- Margaret Mead

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Your donation will help us promote adoptions of the animals of the Gratiot County Animal Shelter and help the the animals of our community by promoting spay/neutering and animal care and welfare.













Adoption Stories


03/2015 Has Mojo hit the jackpot or what??? I think yes!!!! Congrats to you buddy, you will have an amazing life! Thank you to this wonderful family for choosing our special Mojo and giving him a furever home!!!


03/2015 Achilles has found his furever home!!!! Thank you Courtney for choosing Achilles and giving him a furever home! Happy life sweet boy!!!


03/2015 Well Dollee wasn't available for long! She was adopted by a wonderful couple this evening. They had had their eye on her when she was a stray and decided they wanted her to be part of their family. Happy life sweet Dollee, you will never be a stray again!!


03/2015 This girl came to us in January. Thank you Genine for giving her a place to call home. Happy life Ginger Snap!!!



03/2015 Crystal was adopted!! Wishing you much happiness!


03/2015 Our unique little sweetheart Tundra was adopted. Happy life sweet girll!


02/2015 Loveable Bo was adopted!! He has found his forever home!! He will have human and feline siblings to snuggle with. Happy life sweet Bo!


02/2015 Our precious Daisie has been adopted!! She will have 3 little human siblings and 3 feline siblings to play with! Thank you to the Straus family for choosing adoption and saving a rescue kitty! Happy life sweet girll!


02/2015 Precious Tiffany has found an amazing forever home!! Thank you Nikole for choosing adoption and saving a rescue kitty!! Happy life sweet Tiffany, we will miss you! Be a good girl!!


"Go for it" Gus found his new home at the September Redbird Adoption Event. Happy life Gus!!


This is Biscuit with her new family!! She is the Mom of Peanut, Butter and Jelly.


Little Lola was adopted!!